16-Dec-2018Dallas, TX+14 milesItems Wanted
Looking for any art supplies no longer being used. Paper,crayons,paints,canvas,brushes,charcoal,sketch books. For adult therapy.thank you
16-Dec-2018Plano, TX+18 milesItems Wanted
I m looking for a remote for an Emerson TV model LE220EM3. Thank you.
16-Dec-2018Plano, TX+18 milesItems Wanted
Would love to learn how to sew; currently can t afford even a used sewing machine. Would be put to great hands :-)
15-Dec-2018Plano, TX+18 milesItems Wanted
Im in need of a working washing machine, I have a friend had her home burn, so Im trying to help her recover - thanks if you can help - - Merry Christmas ***Please remember location should be zipcode or cross streets even for wanted items. Thanks!
14-Dec-2018Dallas, TX+14 milesItems Wanted
Just moved from Ohio all my family is there. Just got own apartment baby is due in April I am in need of everything. If anyone knows anything or anyone please let me know. Anything is appreciated. God bless
14-Dec-2018Plano, TX+18 milesItems Wanted
Need some full or queen size bed sheets in plain and light color. If you have any sitting around with no use.
13-Dec-2018Dallas, TX+14 milesItems Wanted
I'm trying to decorate for my wedding with some DIY decor! I could do some creative stuff with some empty wine bottles and beer bottles. If you have some, I will be appreciative and will pick up.
13-Dec-2018Plano, TX+18 milesItems Wanted
Looking for either a full or queen sized air mattress for holiday guests. Thank you.
12-Dec-2018Dallas, TX+14 milesItems Wanted
Seeking tall kitchen table with six chairs and functional refrigerator/freezer. Will get U-Haul trailer for pickup.
12-Dec-2018Garland, TX+10 milesItems Wanted
I would appreciate any of the following offers. * Needing many of the kids, adult large and tall plastic drink cups as you have to offer. * Plus all seasons 2-3T clothing items, educational and regular toys for 3 yr old boys. Thanks,
12-Dec-2018Dallas, TX+14 milesItems Wanted
have a futon mattress and no frame. Am in need of a futon frame for support. Can pick up. Thank you very much.
12-Dec-2018Dallas, TX+14 milesItems Wanted
am unable to use teflon coated or others. need glassware or ceramic cooking pans. Thank you!
12-Dec-2018Dallas, TX+14 milesItems Wanted
in need of hand grass shears, pruning shears, pruners, bulb planter, shovels, etc electric pole tree trimmer/tree saw thank you so much!
11-Dec-2018Dallas, TX+14 milesItems Wanted
My husband was in an accident last month and has not been able to return to work. We are in a position of being unable to afford big heating bills and could use firewood. If anyone has firewood they don't need and aren't planning to use, we will put it to good use. Thanks in advance!
10-Dec-2018Plano, TX+18 milesItems Wanted
I am needing anything & everything for my 2 bedroom apartment. 1. Curtains 2-3 2. Bath towels 3. Hand towels & Kitchen towels 4. Mop Bucket & Mop or Swifter 5. Dishes 6. Table & chairs 7. Coat hooks 8. Lamps 9. Toaster 10.Cups: Coffee & Regular 11.Comforters 12.Sheets(Queen & Boys Twin) 13.Blankets 14. 2 xl pet beds if possible 15. Can Opener 16. Trash Cans 17. Bath Mats 18. Rugs 19. Toilet Bru...